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Kerala Business

  1. How do I search the online directory?

    • Click on “Select Location” link near to the Search button on homepage.
    • Enter the town name you wish to find the business details.
    • Click “OK” button, sets search location and takes you to home page.
    • Enter “Search Word” on the text box and click “Search” button to find the business details.
    • This search word can be a category (eg: Hotels) or a Business Name (eg: Taj Residency)

  2. How do I change my local town?

  3. • Click on Town name link adjacent to “Location:” on the top left most corner on the search result page or on the home page
    • Enter your new town name
    • Click “OK” button, sets the new town and takes to the main search page.

  4. How do I browse the list of categories?

  5. • Click the “Categories” link.
    • Gives a list of categories from which select a category to list all the business related to that category at the town already selected.

  6. How do I advertise my business in the online directory?

  7. • Click the “Advertise” link.
    • Select the “Account Status” based on the listing type you want.
    • “Basic” Type is a free listing
    • Premium, Gold and Platinum listing is based on service fees
    • Once you submit the type of listing we will send you the details about the payment
    • Or send details about your business through email:

  8. How do I contact

  9. • Contact us through email:

  10. How do I report an error?

  11. • Report error through email:
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